'The Thieves' is a personal project which I'm working on - when there's some time left. Basically it is a film noir comic with the usual suspects, based in the 1920s. The world there is grim and dirty. When the comic is done I plan to turn it into a short film. Script is finished. At the moment I am creating the characters with ZBrush and Cinema4D. Some Buildings and props are finished, too. Unfortunately time is rare to keep working regularly on this project. Maybe I should try to get it financed?

rendering of the main chracter

his name will be Cole Raines

he is an usual, unsuccessful private eye, who's drinking too much whiskey

wireframe of the main character

an old man

a bartender whith whom our main chracter ends up in a fight

typo I created for the comic

cole-digging machine

another view of the machine

obviously a motorcycle

bridge scene

a street drain

silo complex


old air conditioning